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1. I Don't Compromise On Quality

The special ingredients that goes into creating beautiful portraits, montages and eye-catching designs is passion, personal time, attention to detail and self-energy. The amount of time and energy I put into an assignment will vary depending on the complexity of the project. I don't compromise on quality; my work is a reflection of me, so I give my best every time I get into action. I have worked on projects ranging from 10 hours up to 50 hours; based on the amount of multimedia involved such as website creation, DVD Authoring, Photoshop work and Video Editing. In the end, its all worth it! Seeing the excitement on one's face and reading the wonderful comments from others about my work is a reward it self.




2. Exploring Individuality

If you look closely in my portraits, you can clearly see the glow, love, interest and energy in all of my clients. I know that I have done my job well when I have captured and presented such a thing. I try to get engaged in my client’s visual intellect. I look beyond skin color, muscle tones and gender. I focus on what’s entirely in front of me ~ a human-being . . . nothing more, nothing less! I do not dig deep into the production of one's self, probing his or her history, cultural meanings or background; unless necessary to pursue the project. My focus is to capture the mood or emotion of the subject and abilities that he or she possesses. I aim to deliver or display the best point of view possible, based on a few things such as:


  • Wardrobe, Clothing or Uniforms (colors, textures of f fabrics, jewelry, etc.)
  • Level of difficulty during performances, acts, forms, katas or routines.
  • Props involved (Instruments, tools or weapons that support the project)
  • Location of event or Place of Photo shoot


4. Developing a Character ( Story Telling and Creating a script)

Getting into character and performing a small role through story telling is a great way to showcase one's talent, abilities and characteristics. I analyze the character personality to determine various characteristics and use that to determine the outcome of a poster. Acting can be fun, but also time consuming if you don't know how to display the characteristics of someone or something or tell a story using pictures. So to make it easier for me to shoot and you to pose correctly, I create a small script and illustration that will give you an idea of what to say, how to move and use facial expression. I have posted a few example characteristics about the comic character Superman, just to give you an idea of what I mean:

  • Man of Steel with a wide array of super-abilities, including flight, invulnerability, heat and x-ray vision, speed and immeasurable strength.
  • Fearless, honorable and courageous,always fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way


5. Emotions, Body Language and Facial Expressions

We get into character everyday, using our facial muscles and body language to paint our emotions and show how we feel. When a child gets a special gift, they may jump with joy and smile vigorously because they are surprised and happy to receive such a thing. Their eyes sparkle and they smile from ear to ear. When my dog discovers someone or another animal walking through the yard or should I say his territory, he gets very defensive; standing his ground, growling and barking at the intruder -in his own way he is saying "Hey I see you over there, get away from my home . . . and I am not saying please!" Dogs stand their ground boldly; looking fearless and ferocious (well, at least most of them), their back legs muscles tense up as their tails point and wag and their nose act like vacuums; trying to take in your sent to see what you smell like; thinking they smell trouble and must react without a doubt. How well do you know your best friend, could you tell if she or he was telling the truth about something or not? If so, they what is it that give them away while communicating. . .pauses in their speech or stuttering, consistently looking away; not looking you in the eyes when speaking, a smirk or smile, folding and unfolding of arms or placing hand in and out of their pockets? Sometimes people over-exaggerate their body language and one can see that person is acting or not telling the truth - or at least the entire story. My point is, people get into character everyday, so if you plan to come for a photo shoot to portray cat woman, make sure you bring all of your '9lives' and be ready to claw your way into action! Get into character; analyze the personality of the characters that you decide to portray and be sure to practice body movements and facial expressions from many angles at home in the mirror. Have fun getting into character : - )


6. Putting it on paper: Layout Design and Storyboarding

Although printing the posters or portraits will be the last thing I do, its the first thing I think about before I start shooting or re-designing a previous poster. I try to work on a good composition for when producing a layout for a poster or montage. Everything has to fall into place and make sense to the viewer. I make sure the colors, background arts, text effects, letterings and subject(s) are balanced out well. Setting the mood of the poster and establishing a time and place through concept and design is the first thing I dwell on.








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